SYP Sanded Plywood

Putnam Lumber distributes sanded plywood by the bundle and by the truckload. Sanded plywood has a solid surface, is smooth and paintable. These panels are recommended for use when structural integrity and appearance is important. Sanded plywood is graded for both appearance and strength properties. Sanded plywood has designated Span Ratings for use in load-carrying applications. Sanded plywood can be ordered both untreated or pressure treated for protection against wood destroying organisms.

SYP Sanded Plywood

SYP BCX Treated Plywood

Sanded plywood sizes & grades are below:
Pack Sizes
1/4" 4'x8'
3/8" 4'x8'
1/2" 4'x8'
5/8" 4'x8'
3/4" 4'x8'
1/4" 4'x8'
11/32" 4'x8'
15/32" 4'x8'
19/32" 4'x8'
23/32" 4'x8'
6.4 mm 1.22x2.44 m
9 mm 1.22x2.44 m
12 mm 1.22x2.44 m
15 mm 1.22x2.44 m
18 mm 1.22x2.44 m
132 pieces
88 pieces
70 pieces
56 pieces
46 pieces

Standard Grades: ACX, BCX, Sanded Shop*

*Sanded Shop is acceptable for use where a strong panel is needed, but is not rated for load bearing applications

ACX Face & Back Veneer (example below)

BCX Face & Back Veneer (example below)