Patterns & Millwork

There is a full service remanufacturing plant conveniently located on treating facility's site. We are capable of running lumber to any standard profile listed in the SPIB grading rule handbook up to 3"x12" in dimension.

SYP Patterns & Millwork

Popular Patterns & Profiles

We have the capability to take S4S or Rough lumber and run the product to custom profiles (examples below) when ordered by our clients. Because of the custom nature, these orders typically take a little extra time to prepare for shipment

#122 T&G V-JT
Tounge and Groove V-JT

Tounge and Groove Double V-JT

T&G CM Flooring
Tounge and Groove Flooring

#105 Drop Siding (Rabbet & Spring)
Drop Siding

T&G DB Beaded Ceiling
Tounge and Groove DB Beaded Ceiling
Log Cabin Siding
Log Cabin Siding

Along with custom moulder services we also offer re-saw, ripping, straight line rip, precision end trimming (P.E.T.) and custom export packaging.

Bundle of Pattern #105 Drop Siding