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Putnam Lumber & Export Company is a wholesale export distributor of lumber, plywood, OSB, and other materials used in the construction industry. Our focus is exportation of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) lumber, plywood, and OSB from the US to countries all over the world. We supply truck and container load volumes to foreign import wholesale distributors, retail lumberyards, and industrial manufacturers located in countries all over the world.

We supply truckload orders direct from the manufacturer as well as highly mixed loads from our warehouse. With our volume purchasing, we are able to purchase truckloads from multiple suppliers and send out highly mixed loads to our clients. We go to great lengths to help control the quality of our delivered product. All of our products are stored inside covered warehouses to ensure our clients receive clean, bright, and freshly treated or untreated products.

We deliver our products
				to over 30 countries around the globe

Where we work

We deliver our products to over 30 countries throughout the world.

Our export roots date back to 1928 with supply of lumber to clients in the Caribbean. The export trade has evolved & changed over the years, yet the Caribbean remains our most important market. Putnam Lumber has warehouses strategically located near ports of export throughout the US East Coast and Gulf Coast. We work hard to reduce costs & increase efficiencies in all aspects of handling our client's orders. In addition to exports originating out of the US, we also handle direct container load shipments originating out of South America and Asia.

				bulk lumber vessel

We are experts in shipping & documentation!

Putnam Lumber can handle all of the necessary logistics from the manufacturer to the country of final destination. We handle all of the inland transportation, cargo handling & inspections at the port of export, ocean transportation, and documentation that is necessary for delivering our products to our client's preferred port of destination. Our operations are positioned close to the port of export to ensure equipment capacity is maximized to reduce the over all cost when shipping over the ocean. Our large shipping volumes ensure that our clients receive the most competitive CIF pricing.


Putnam Lumber & Export Company

Founded in 1945, our operations are 100% focused on exportation of lumber, plywood, OSB, and other construction materials. We invite you to learn more about our company and welcome the opportunity to supply your needs.